Hi! My name is Carissa! Some of you may follow my personal blog, but whether we have chatted before or not, I welcome you to my new page. This page is for my business only. This is another way for me to reach out, to show potential clients and photo lovers my work.

I have loved photography since I was 13. My mom handed me her old camera and once I began taking pictures with it, I was hooked. Some say it runs in my blood, my grandpa and my mom both have loved it as well. My grandpa was known to take pictures at weddings as their gift from him. I didn’t know until a couple of months ago just how much my mom loves it. It is nice to share that passion with her.

11 months ago, upon the urging of a friend and a deep desire to help my family, I began my photography business. I decided it was better to try and have it not work out than not try and forever wonder, “what if”. So far, I absolutely love what I do. Not only do I love taking pictures, but I also love working with the wonderful people I have met thus far. They make my job wonderful. We laugh, share stories, and have fun. It is about more than poses and smiles. What I do involves getting to know the clients, about knowing who they are and what they’re looking for.

My mission is to make everyone’s experience memorable and to capture those memories so that they can hold onto them for a lifetime. I hope that I get the chance to touch the lives of many in my journey. Thank you for being with me through this, the ups and downs. The support is what helps me get through the tough moments and makes the good ones even better. Here’s to many years of doing what I love and those that I work with enjoying their time with me for years to come.

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