Hi! My name is Carissa Gray, owner of Carissa Gray Photography. 🙂 Welcome! For all who are curious about who I am, why I began my business venture, and my business itself, look no further!

I live in West Bend, Wisconsin. I am a mother of a teenage son and little girl, they’re my world. They are why I do this, why I do many things. They inspire me and teach me daily. I have an amazing husband, one who supports me in any venture, including this one. As cliche as it sounds, he is my best friend. I have an amazing support system, made of family and friends. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, singing, scrapbooking, bowling, taking walks with my family, camping, cookouts and bonfires, watching movies, etc.

I have had many jobs over the years, ranging from a billing coordinator for an insurance company to a waitress. I did enjoy some the work I did and many of the people I worked with, but none of my jobs left me feeling like it was what I was meant to do. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I got really sick. I left my job and during all of that, my husband and I talked about what the future would look like. Should I stay home or return to work? Initially, we’d decided I would just stay home to avoid the high cost of daycare and also so that I could have more of a hands on experience raising our child, so that I wouldn’t miss the firsts I had with my son.

It didn’t take long for us to realize going down to one income was just too hard, but didn’t know what we should do. A friend of mine approached me, told me she admired my photography, wanted to know if I would take her family pictures. She asked me if I had ever considered a career in photography. My honest answer was, yes I had, but that I didn’t feel I was talented enough to be in the professional world. She assured me I was more than talented enough and urged me to go for it. I decided, why not? If I try and don’t make anything of it, at least I tried and it’s one less, “what if” to ask later in life. If I succeed, then I find a way to help my family that makes me happy.

Here I am, 11 months later and I am loving what I do. It’s a work in progress, but I feel all things in life are such. No matter how long we do something or how good at it we may get, there is always room for improvement and always things we can learn. I am hoping to make a name for myself over the years, to reach more people in search of capturing their life’s moments via photography.

Our memories fade over time, become duller within our minds. We start to forget what someone looks like, the fine details of a moment. Pictures are a way to keep those memories fresh. Part of the reason I love pictures so much is because they’re memories I can hold in my hands, revisit whenever I want to. It’s a way for me to remember moments that have passed, people too.

My mission is to make your experience with me one worth remembering and to capture your life’s moments and turn them into memories you can cherish forever. If you have ideas for a session, let me hear them. Poses, props, lighting, venue options, backdrops, and more: let me know what you want and I will do all I can to make it happen. It is YOUR session, it is about YOU! Come to me with any tips, suggestions, or questions and I will listen. I hope I get the chance to work with you, grow with your family, and help you hold onto your memories in a beautiful way.